"Kyo Wazarashi Mensya" makes this environment possible by uniquely layeringMensya(Cotton Gauzes) to trap in layers of air.

THE MOVIE "Daitou Shingu's way"



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    Bedding Linen

    The wonderful qualities of cotton are maximized by the layer... continue

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    To make use of the wonderful qualities of the cotton materia... continue

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    Do you know just how good gauze feels?After taking a bath or... continue

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    The same assurance and comfort as a Mother's skin.Wrap your ... continue


NEMURI NO KURA  Daitou Shingu Kogyo Co.,Ltd.

Our mission - To create comfortable and excellent sleep
Store concept - Organic Lab and Factory for your sleep and health needs.

We have been manufacturing traditional Japanese Futons and the bedding since 1925 in Kyoto. We employ certified sleep and health advisors who have extensive knowledge of sleep physiology. We offer high quality products and fine services combining our high quality manufacturing techniques and knowledge to create optimal sleep for our customers.

We also assist in optimizing your sleeping environment providing comfort and relaxation to give you the finest sleeping experience.