The finest of cotton gauze meets enduring Japanese craftsmanship



Kyo Wazarashi Mensya is processed using the traditional Wazarashi method

Bleaching is the process of removing impurities and pigments after the cloth is woven. Using an automatic refining machine, this process can be done in only 40 min. but traditional Wazarashi processing uses an extremely rare Wazarashi Kiln. Only a few exist in Japan. The 4 day process removes not only the cotton’s raw odor from the oil that is produced when string is spun, but also impurities from when the cloth is woven and even impurities remaining deep in the fibers.

After the gauze endures this four day long bleaching process, it is rinsed in natural spring water, and dried. Stitching short gauze fabrics together we make one long fabric, At last we adjust the width and weft to make sure the shape doesn’t change and it is finished with natural Okinawa starch paste.

Wazarashi does not stress the individual fibers giving it a beautiful finish,creating more air layers to increase the breathing and absorption, leaving is wonderfully soft to the touch.

Regular multiple gauze fabrics in the weaving process are fastened in many places and made into a single gauze, but in the sewing stage Kyo Wazarashi Mensya uses individual gauze fabric and overlaps them to make them into a single sheet.

This increases air layers and keeps temperature and makes the fabric more breathable.

By demanding only the best materials, processing, manufacturing and inspection conducted in domestic Japanese factories, bedding materials.